Rolex Daytona “Daytona” MAD Ruby Custom Edition

From July this year, the independent watch customizer MAD in Paris has launched a sapphire, ruby version of the Rolex classic “Di Tong Na” special models, the price of the former reached 320,000 which is more than 800,000, but still just a few days directly Sold Out.

The actual Rolex is also the only thing that you can wear in the basic circle of friends, even after getting a rainbow Di Tong Na is even more excited. It would have been normal, but. After all, he is the face of Tudor.

But after all, the official Ditoner is harder to start than grabbing a pair of popular sneakers N times, so MAD keeps launching various personalized versions. Recently also announced the launch of a red and blue version.

The backs are also water resistant to 5 ATM sealing level. The brushed stainless steel strap is equipped with a 45mm diameter case.

The rubies are among the world’s five most precious stones, along with diamonds, emeralds and gold-green cat’s-eyes. That’s why the price of this offering has broken new heights.

Daytona was originally a place in the United States, and when Rolex assembled the Cosmic Timetable, it coincided with the start of the Daytona race in the United States. Rolex sent a Cosmograph timepiece to the election race as the designated timekeeper for the meeting, and it was elected. The name became official: the DAYTONA collection.

The Replica Rolex Daytona was initially unpopular because of the strange design of the watch, but now it is harder to buy than a water demon, and it is hard to get a Daytona at official prices. Classic models are even more than a few hundred thousand dollars premium. The craziness of speculation is comparable to that of sneakers.

Today’s counters are full of chaos, and it’s even stranger than the fashion world. Imagine that Supreme wants to release a Box Logo T-shirt, but you can’t get it by waiting in line. You have to sell them with a bunch of closures that are worth a lot more than Bogo.

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