Which is worth buying, Rolex or Omega watches? Why?

As we all know, not only are both watches from Switzerland, but they are also leaders in the industry, so what are the differences?


It goes without saying that the first point must be to discuss price. In the case of the entry level, the Rolex is more expensive, with the cheapest Rolex being almost twice as expensive as the cheapest Omega, I think. As for the higher end, I guess you wouldn’t be reading this article if you were already at that point 😂


This is a real concern for many people. For example, the Omega Co-Axial series is generally four years, while all perpetual calendar products are at least five years; Rolex is even more luxurious, with a five-year warranty on all its branded watches.

Resale value

This is about the second most tangible concern. In comparison, Rolex stands out as having almost the highest resale value in the world. If the difference is comparable, the best Omega will generally have a higher resale premium than the most common Rolex.

Brand recognition

Having seen a video of a foreign survey, almost 100% of respondents knew about Rolex, while about 70% knew about Omega. It should be noted that the interview video was not conducted in the same city, but in different cities around the world, so the brand awareness of both of them is even more convincing.


If you ask Rolex, then Omega will surely say that it is more accurate; conversely, if you ask Omega, Rolex will surely say that it is more accurate too. In fact, both brands are certified by the COSC, an internationally renowned third-party certification body, and they say that Omega and Rolex are almost indistinguishable in terms of accuracy performance.

It’s just that, as we all know, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches and Rolex no longer produces quartz watches, it has refocused its attention on mechanical watches.

Water resistance and magnetic resistance

In terms of water resistance, many of Omega’s dive watches are equipped with helium release valves, so they are not to be underestimated in their class; replica rolex is even better, with its Deepsea collection, which is even better than the Omega Seamaster (specifically in terms of water resistance).

In terms of magnetic resistance, both pay close attention to it, as magnetic interference is the natural enemy of mechanical watches, and almost all brands pay close attention to anti-magnetic performance. Rolex’s Michels range performs very well, while many of Omega’s with either the Master Co-Axial Chronometer or Master Chronometer logo are even better,buy replica watches at least 8-10 times better than Rolex. ,

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