Basic can be a classic ROLEX Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41.

The Rolex Datejust was originally divided into the 36mm Datejust and 41mm Datejust II, if you don’t count women’s watches under 34mm, but in 2016 they began introducing a new generation of 32XX movements into the Datejust series, while at the same time eliminating the “II” movement. “This relativistic naming was changed to refer directly to the watch diameter, so the entire range was thus consolidated into five models, Datejust 41, 36, 34, 31 and 28, with the two largest being the most important mainstays of the men’s watches (or the brand as a whole).

In 2015, Rolex released the next generation of its basic movement, the 32XX series, which has since been gradually introduced to its various product lines; the Datejust has been adopted since the following year, the first year there were only two semi-gold versions in eternal rose gold + stainless steel and yellow gold + stainless steel, and in 2017, white gold + stainless steel semi-gold and all-steel versions were added. Basically, with the all-steel model, the entire product line is even brilliantly prepared, but this batch of updates are still only 41mm, while the other sizes still use the original movement.

The new caliber 3235 is a collection of the essence of modern Rolex movement technology, which is superior to its predecessor, the 3135, in terms of endurance, precision and anti-magnetic performance.

The Datejust is the basic of Rolex, with an unassuming appearance, but from a different perspective, it is the prototype of the contemporary chain-strap three-hand watch.

Of course, neither of these two kings need any additional help, but it is undeniable that this one-man-one-watch combination has become another contemporary celebrity endorsement replica rolex watch uk. The 41mm is the dominant diameter nowadays, and it makes sense that Rolex should prioritize this when introducing new movements, but there is still potential for old-school fans who prefer the 36mm, and hopefully Rolex will finish this section soon.

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