Best Rolex Submariner Eight Diamond

Launched over 60 years ago, the Submariner Submariner is the quintessential style of the Rolex sports watch, with a design and function that has continued to undergo some improvements, but has remained true to the ‘original’ form – designed for diving.

8 features of the modern Rolex Aquatimer.
Cerachrom bezel: Developed and patented by Rolex in 2005, the Cerachrom bezel is made of an extremely hard ceramic material that gives the graduated bezel an extraordinary lustre, protected from scratches.
Cyclops Date Magnifier: an additional sapphire crystal, fixed to the crystal above the date window, magnifies the date 2.5 times for easier reading.
OYSTER CASE: The Submariner’s Oyster case is water-resistant to 300 meters and offers optimal protection against dust, pressure and shocks!
904L steel: a highly corrosion-resistant alloy steel used exclusively by Rolex. It is used in the high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries and is highly polishable and corrosion resistant.
Chromalight Blue Luminous: an essential feature of a diver’s watch is underwater visibility. Unlike the green glow of conventional luminescent materials, the Rolex Submariner’s in-house Chromalight emits a blue light that glows continuously for up to eight hours.
Glidelock extension system: the Replica Submariner Oyster bracelet is equipped with this extension system, which allows the bracelet to be fine-tuned without the use of any tools.
The highest level of chronometer certification: only for Rolex watches! In addition to being a COSC-certified watch, the watch has undergone specific tests controlled by Rolex in its own laboratory, creating a benchmark of precision in the world of mechanical watches.
Triplock Triple Lock Crown: a patented triple waterproofing system designed for divers’ watches, the Submariner is resistant to water pressure up to 300 meters.

The Buddhist scripture says: the eight vajra, because of the inherent courage and strength, so after the completion of training, become the protection of the vajra, can subdue all evil spirits. I think, for fans of Rolex, the eight models of Rolex Submariner watches in production now correspond to the number of the Eight Vajra of Buddhism, and if all eight models are gathered, they can also eliminate the demons of Rolex fans:)

No1.Rolex Green Ghost (116610LV) HK$68100 in Hong Kong.
Rolex is very evil, that is, like green, and the Chinese traditionally is more anti-green, such as green hat, green face and so on, are not good words, but Rolex’s distortion force field can change the national inertia: green water ghosts are now flipped to almost 100,000!

The previous generation, the 16610LV green-rimmed Aquaman, was introduced in 2003 as the Submariner’s 50th anniversary model, when it still had a green-painted aluminium bezel (black dial) and a somewhat imperfect clasp.

The most important feature is the green Cerachrom ceramic bezel, which is scratch-proof and will not lose its color.

To tell you the truth, a green watch is not that good with clothes, not as good as a gold and blue plate, but it is not a good idea to limit the production of Rolex. 2013, you can get 60,000 goods, but now you can’t even see it in the watch store, you can make you wait in line for two years, or I can sell you a big watch with hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can only say that it is rare.

No.2. Rolex Platinum Blue Submariner (116619LB) priced at HK$263,600 in Hong Kong.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good deal more than just a few of the most popular watches. Submariner 11661X’s, one of which is the 116619LB with the blue ceramic ring.

Rolex is always fat, and the gold is refined in its own exclusive foundry, capable of forging the highest quality 18-carat gold. The blue dial of the watch is perfectly matched with the 18 carat white gold. The Chromalight luminescence on the dial is also the first of the Sub species to be upgraded to a steady blue glow for eight hours. A solid oyster bracelet with a Glidelock technology clasp ensures comfort and ease. Equipped with a self-winding mechanical Calibre 3135, this is a very reliable Haute Horlogerie movement.

No.3. Rolex Black Water Ghost (No Date) (114060) Priced at HK$58,000 in Hong Kong
The Rolex Submariner 114060 is the successor to the 14060M. It was launched in 2012, thanks to its steel construction, making it the last Rolex Submariner with Rolex’s latest case design and ceramic bezel.

Rolex is the inventor of the date magnifier, basically any watch with a date is equipped with a ‘cyclops’, but some people just don’t like it, luckily Rolex also caters to a niche audience, the 114060 is also the only watch in the entire collection that doesn’t include a date display, it’s a simple, beautiful and reliable watch. The case is made of high quality 904L stainless steel, which is extremely corrosion resistant and highly polishable. The absence of a date window on the black dial enhances the overall look of the dial without distracting onlookers from other details. Equipped with the Calibre 3130 self-winding mechanical movement, you can see it as a version of the 3135 with the calendar function removed. The dial features a unique identification feature with large illuminated markers, an important feature in a diver’s watch. The hours, minutes and seconds hands are white gold and look attractive against the black background of the dial. The unidirectional bezel is made of hard, corrosion-resistant ceramic – Cerachrom – and is virtually scratch-resistant, while the bezel numerals and indices are coated in platinum. Water resistant to 300 meters.

No.4. Rolex Yellow Gold Blackface Water Ghost (116618LN) priced at HK$242,500 in Hong Kong
This one was also introduced in 2008, 18k yellow gold case gold bracelet, at first I always thought gold was tacky, but when you get a little older and earn a little more money, you’ll all fall into the world, and besides, it’s best to use it when Big Kinlaw is running away.

It was also one of the first Submariner to apply a Cerachrom ceramic bezel, this time in black ceramic, so the face plate is uniformly black, and the equally sturdy Oyster solid bracelet is practical with revolutionary Glidelock technology.The Calibre 3135 has also been upgraded with a hairspring to provide precise resistance to shock and temperature variations.The 3 o’clock position. The Submariner Date is a true timeless beauty on your wrist.

No.5. Rolex Black Water Ghost (116610LN) HK$63,900 in Hong Kong
The classic Blackwater Ghost is generally referred to as this steel date Submariner 116610LN, which was introduced in 2010 to replace the previous generation Blackwater Ghost 16610; presumably because this one is most like the original 6204, with a black dial and steel.

Compared to its predecessor, the Blackwater has upgraded its ceramic bezel, as well as larger hour markers and larger hands, and a larger case and crown. The luminescence is also upgraded to Chromalight Blue, as well as the 3135 movement that upgrades the parachrom hairspring.

The Blackwater Ghost is famous enough to talk about, the in-house movement is solid, and most importantly, the price is real. This is what the Rolex Black Ghost is all about. It’s a watch that you can always keep by your side, a watch that’s a talking point for its performance, a watch that’s cool enough to represent your personality. The biggest problem is that although it is less popular than the Green Ghost, it is still hard to find.

No.6. Rolex Yellow Gold Aquatimer (116618LB) HK$242,500 in Hong Kong
This one and the 116618LN were both introduced in gold at Baselworld 2008, but with a blue ceramic bezel and blue dial, and those who are more conservative prefer the black-faced gold model and those who prefer a brighter one can opt for the blue-faced gold model.

An icy blue dial against a warm gold background may be a difficult combination to achieve, but Rolex can pull it off effortlessly. The numerals and indices on the blue scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic bezel are coated in gold, and the watch is water-resistant to 300 meters (about a thousand feet).The Submariner Date’s movement is a Calibre 3135 mechanical movement with a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring that provides precision and stability.The Submariner The Date is Superlative Chronometer certified and has a 48-hour power reserve, making it a truly practical watch with a stylish personality.

No.7.Rolex Gold Blackface Water Ghost (116613LN) HK$94,700 in Hong Kong
The gold and steel black-ringed Submariner Date Model 116613LN is an updated version of the 16613LN, introduced at Baselworld 2009 (am I right, technical advances in inter-gold models are always later than in all-gold models).

The classic black and gold combination rarely goes wrong! Rolex refers to steel and gold as Rolesor as well, or as Hong Kongers like to call it, Gold and Silver Run. Sounds like a mouthful, inter-gold models have always been the mainstay of Rolex sales, and if you remember correctly, the average Rolex mainland sales price is around 100,000, that’s inter-gold pricing! The steel model is a loser desperately trying to save up to buy, all-gold pricing from 200,000, the rich and powerful can spend this money again to buy the top brand entry-level models, so the Rolex consumer mainstay is to buy gold and silver (enter and win) inter-gold Rolesor.

The sturdy Oyster three-link bracelet features a flawlessly polished Rolesor. it comes with a folding Oysterlock safety clasp to prevent accidental opening of the bracelet and is held securely in place with the revolutionary Glidelock technology. The black Cerachrom ceramic-coated unidirectional bezel with engraved gold indexes adds even more style and glamour to this prestigious timepiece. The screw-down crown with triple waterproofing system makes the watch fully water-resistant even at a depth of 300 metres. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the date display and the Cyclops date magnifier are unique features of the watch’s dial. There’s no mistaking this watch.

No.8. Rolex InterGold Blue Faced Water Ghost (116613LB) Priced at HK$94700 in Hong Kong
The last Sub in current production, also introduced in 2009, the Rolex Submariner Date with blue dial and two-tone bracelet is very attractive. For those who want the best of both worlds, this particular watch is sure to satisfy every need of your heart.

This two-tone bracelet features the exclusive gold and steel combination Rolesor, with the innovative Glidelock technology specially developed by Fake Rolex UK. This is a true Rolex signature, combining the lustre and noble features of gold with the strength and reliability offered by steel. Extracting the best performance from these two materials.

In fact, Rolex is not a myth, Submariner several previous diamond-studded models are discontinued, whether it is a diamond standard model or a full-star model, I guess the reason must be that it is not easy to sell, good sales of models Rolex will certainly cultivate into an evergreen, generation after generation of iterative improvements.

Overall, the Rolex Submariner has an iconic design and powerful features. It’s not just a leathery tool watch. Different materials and color combinations allow you to go fast underwater or go for a royal dinner drive, and there’s a watch for you.

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